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Bordeaux PharmacoEpi Festival - May 25th to June 1st 2021 - Hybrid

Séminaires/ Congrès

A lieu le 25 mai 2021 à partir de 16h00
jusqu'au 01 juin 2021 à 18h00


Ninth edition of the Bordeaux Pharmacoepidemiology Festival will beheld from May 25th to June 1st. The PharmacoEpi festival is a unique event to allow in depth discussion on major topics. Each days, for two hours, world-class experts will talk about the topic of their choice and discuss with participants, on face-to-face at Bordeaux, and in livestreaming.
With: Jeffrey Aronson(Oxford, UK), Krista F. Huybrechts (Boston, USA), Nicholas Moore (Bordeaux, France), Christophe Tzourio (Bordeaux, France), Yuan Ma (Boston, USA), Rosa Gini (Florence, Italie), Emmanuel Bacry (Paris, France)

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