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Genomic Dynamics and Cancer - December 11-12, 2017

Call for applicants

The main objective of this workshop is to allow young scientists to improve their ongoing projects and enhance the quality of their publications.

Extended deadline to submit your application: September 24, 2017

Scientific themes
Projects in the field of genome dynamics related to cancer, possibly including innovative therapeutic approaches, are particularly welcomed. Keywords:

  • Chromatin dynamics / epigenetics
  • Cell cycle and genomic instability (DNA replication stress, repair and recombination, mitotic chromosome segregation errors)
  • RNA metabolism and transcription

Eligibility criteria

  • Around 10 post-docs and young scientists (CR and MdC) will be selected for the coaching of their projects.
  • Additional young researchers, affiliated to the teams of the selected candidates, may be invited to attend the workshop and benefit from such a unique experience.

Who can apply ?

  • Post-docs and young scientists (CR and MdC)
  • Affiliated to a Greater Southwest lab

Applicants selection
Selection criteria

  • Respect of the scientific scope of the call
  • Candidates' resume and scientific quality of his/her project(s)