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Genome Dynamics and Cancer - March 14-15 2022

The Cancéropôle GSO is pleased to announce the 8th edition of its coaching workshop for young researchers. This 2-day scientific event will involve presentation and discussion of recent findings and future projects in the scope of Genome Dynamics in Cancer. The format of the meeting (focused scientific research themes, fewer than 30 participants, full board retreat in a nice environment) is designed to foster exchanges and communication between junior and senior scientists and strengthen research networks between the Great Southwest (GSO) labs.



The main objective of this workshop is to allow young scientists to improve their scientific and career projects in the short / mid term and enhance the quality of their publications (confidentiality respected). Selected candidates will receive feedback from the following renowned experts in the field:

  • Richard HEIDEMANN, Director Immunobiology at Charles River Laboratories, Edinburgh 
  • Sarah LAMBERT, Group leader at Curie Institute, Orsay
  • Thomas LEMBERGER, Deputy Head of Scientific Publications at EMBO ; Head, SourceData ; Associate Editor, Review Commons, Heidelberg
  • Michel WERNER, Director of Institut Jacques Monod, Paris


• Around 10 post-docs and young scientists (CR and MdC), affiliated to a Greater Southwest lab, will be selected for the coaching of their projects and careers.
• Additional young researchers, affiliated to the teams of the selected candidates, may be invited to attend the workshop and benefit from such a unique experience.

Deadline to SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION: January 10th 2022


Abstracts related to Cancéropôle GSO Axis 2 themes are welcome including: Genome organization and (in)stability in DNA replication, repair and cell cycle ; Chromatin & Epigenetics ; Gene expression : from transcription to translation ; Mutagenesis & Genomic alterations.


• Respect of the scientific scope of the call.
• Scientific quality of the candidate's project(s).
• Candidates' resume.