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Journées du club SMAC

Recent advances in joint models for cancer and the new statistical challenge of immunotherapy clinical studies - 2019





Joint Models

10.00 am

Coffee and registration

10.30 am

Introduction to joint models - Michael Sweeting (George Davies Centre, University of Leicester, England) 

11.05 am

Joint models for longitudinal marker and multivariate survival data - Loïc Ferrer (Institut Curie, Inserm U900, Paris)

11.40 am

Recent advances in joint models for multivariate longitudinal data and event-times with application to cancer - Ruwanthi Kolamunnage-Dona (Medical Statitics Institute of Translational Medicine, Department of Biostatistices, University of Liverpool, England)

12.15 am

 Lunch break

1.45 pm

Joint analysis of health-related quality of life and time to progression/time to dropout in cancer clinical trials - Célia Touraine (Montpellier Cancer Institute , Biometry Unit, Montpellier)

2.20 pm

Joint latent class model for multivariate longitudinal data and survival data: heterogeneous trajectories of tiredness in metastatic colorectal cancer - Cécile Proust-Lima (Inserm U1219 " Bordeaux Population Health", Bordeaux)

2.55 pm

Personalized screening intervals for biomarkers using joint models for longitudinal and survival data - Dimitris Rizopoulos (Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

3.30 pm

 Coffee break

3.50 pm

Joint models for recurrent events and a terminal event - Virginie Rondeau (Inserm U1219 "Bordeaux Population Health")

4.25 pm

Mechanistic models in cancer research - Jérémie Guedj (Inserm, UMR 1337 "Infection, Antimicrobials, Modelling, Evolution", Paris)





8.30 am


9.00 am

Introduction  - Emilio Bria (U.O.C. Medical Oncology, Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Roma, Italy) 

9.35 am

Immune-related reponse criteria- Lesley Seymour (Canadian Cancer Trials Group ; Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario & Department of Oncology & Queens University, Kingston, Canada)

10.10 am

A systematic review on surrogate endpoints of overall survival in patients treated with immune-checkpoint inhibitors - Sébastien Branchoux (BMS, Health Economics & Public Health, Rueil-Malmaison & Inserm U1219 "Bordeaux Population Health")

10.45 am

 Coffee break

11.05 am

Novel intermediate response endpoints in immunotehrapy clinical studies - to be confirmed

11.40 am

Mathematical models for cancer immunotherapy, review and new directions - Anna Konstorum (Uconn Health, Center for Quantitative Medicine, Farmington, Connecticut)

12.15 am

The use of joint modeling to analyze tumor dynamic and immunotherapies - Denis Rustand (Inserm U1219 "Bordeaux Population Health")