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SMAC 2021 - Statistics, Philosophy, and Health


The SMAC 2021 days will be held online from June 14 to 18, 2021. 

This will be the tenth edition of the SMAC days. On this occasion, we have built a very particular program entitled "Statistics, philosophy and health". Three main topics will be addressed by statisticians and philosophers of science during this "SMAC week": Bayesianism, Agent based modeling and Causality. We will conclude this week by a very special round table animated by Erica Moodie.

With the advent of big data and artificial intelligence, the landscape of health research has changed significantly in recent years. While this revolution suggests remarkable innovations, it also questions statisticians about the relevance of methods and the interpretability of results. The objective of this webconference is precisely to question two fundamental issues in biostatistics: Bayesianism and causality. In order to better question ourselves, we have chosen to approach these questions from several angles, from statistics to philosophy, through internationally recognized experts in these disciplines.

Nicolas Savy, for the SMAC scientific Committee

With in particular: David Stephens and Erica Moodie from McGill University, Jon Williamson from University of Kent, Nicolas Meyer and Erik-André Sauleau from University of Strasbourg, Isabelle Drouet from Lettres Sorbonne université and Kamel Gana from University of Bordeaux

And during the "Crazy Round Table" animated by Erica Moodie: Deborah Mayo  (Virginia Tech), Sander Greenland (University of California Los Angeles), Michael Kosorok (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Mark Van der Laan (University of California Berkeley),  Christian Robert (Université Paris Dauphine), Bruno Falissard (INSERM), Antoine Chambaz (Université de Paris)…

Like last year, this workshop will only take you two short hours a day: from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. (Central European Time: UTC+01:00).

call for proposals is open until April 2 April 30. Oral communications and e-Posters (registered video talks) are possible.
Proposals from all disciplinary fields are expected (statistics, epidemiology, psychology, psychometry, philosophy and social sciences) as long as they are linked to the theme of our days : Bayesianism, agent based modeling, artificial intelligence, causality, AI and their application in health. You will need to register before submiting your abstract(s)

The International Journal of Biostatistics review will publish, under the responsibility of Isabelle Drouet, Erica Moodie and Nicolas Savy, a special issue dedicated to our SMAC 2021 webconference under the topics "Bayesianism, Causal Inference and Artificial Intelligence".
The selected speakers will be able (and are encouraged) to submit their work for this special issue.


Crazy roundtable videos

Call for proposals