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Dynamics of Genetic Instability and Oncogenesis (DINGO) Days 2023 - 14-15 novembre 2023

Séminaires/ Congrès

A lieu le 14 novembre 2023
jusqu'au 15 novembre 2023


The DINGO (Dynamics of Genetic Instability and Oncogenesis) international meeting aims at fostering exchanges between researchers, biologists and clinicians to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatments of cancer pathologies. Four-research axis will be covered:
• Genetic Mechanisms Shaping Immunotherapy Response;
• RNA Metabolism and Genetic Instability;
• Nuclear Compartments and Genome Organisation;
• Aging, Senescence and Inflammation.

Deadline for abstract submission: October 8th 2023.
Deadline for registration: October 8th 2023.

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