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Summer School in Life Sciences - Genome Stability and Organization & symposium - 18-22 juillet

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A lieu le 18 juillet 2022
jusqu'au 22 juillet 2022

  • Lieu : Institute of Human Genetics, Montpellier University, France


Aimed for training of advanced Master and PhD students. Students will present their projects (on-going and/or future), talks and posters, and have multiple interactions with experts :

• I. Hiratani (BDR, Kobe)
• K-I Ishiguro (Kumamoto University)
• T. Kitajima (BDR, Kobe)
• T. Kobayashi (IBQ, Tokyo)
• K. Shirahige(IBQ, Tokyo)
• B. Arcangioli(Institut Pasteur, Paris)
• M. Benkirane (IGH, Montpellier)
• B. de Massy (IGH, Montpellier)
• M. Moriel (CRBM, Montpellier)
• P. Pasero (IGH,Montpellier)

Application before May 31st (places limited)

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