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TOR Science Club - The TOR de France 2021 - 14-15 Octobre 2021

Séminaires/ Congrès

A lieu le 14 octobre 2021
jusqu'au 15 octobre 2021

  • Lieu : Nice


Currently "TOR de France" is a unique conference series in the world entirely devoted to the field of "Target Of Rapamycin" signaling, nutrition, growth, metabolism, development.

The 2021 meeting will cover multiple areas of research on TOR:

  • Molecular mechanisms of cell growth control;
  • Genetic alterations of TOR pathway in human diseases;
  • Link between caloric restriction and ageing;
  • Therapeutic strategies to modulate TOR pathway in cancer, metabolic syndromes and other disease.

Deadline for early registration is September 15th 2021.

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