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4th edition Metabolism & Cancer - 27-29/05/2021

Séminaire/ Congrès GSO

A lieu le 27 mai 2021
jusqu'au 29 mai 2021

  • Lieu : Bordeaux, France


This 4th edition of Cancer and Metabolism symposium will be held in Bordeaux area, May 27-29th 2021 and will address key questions on human tumors nutrition, including redox and hypoxia states, metabolic control of epigenome, mitochondrial function and modulation, signaling & fueling of cancer with diagnostics and therapeutic implications. The success of the three past editions prompted us to elaborate an exciting scientific program that will address recent advances in the field of cancer energy metabolism and nutrition through communications of unpublished data and extended discussions.

Four main scientific sessions are proposed to highlight recent discoveries in the continuum of tumor energetics, ranging from patient's diet optimization to tumor utilization of nutriments and oxygen for growth and survival. Influence of tumor fueling on the success of chemo- or immuno-therapies, tumor metabolic heterogeneity and communication with the adjacent non-cancer tissue will also be discussed.

We are honoured and priviledged to welcome as special guest of this symposium Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe, Nobel co-Laureate in 2019 for his work on the utilization of oxygen by cancer cells and hypoxia.

A closing session will bring together nutritionists, oncologists, cancer metabolism basic scientists and patients to discuss a topic of major interest for everyone: what is the impact of our diet on cancer ?

This 4th edition is organized in collaboration with the SIRIC Brio, Cancéropôle GSO & Club MétaboCancer, Réseau NACRe (National Alimentation Cancer Recherche), Bordeaux University Department of Life Sciences, Oncosphère, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, INSERM and the « collectif Asperon ». Financial supports are also obtained from the private sector in the field of Life Sciences and Cancer.

We warmly invite you to join us for this exceptional event and look forward to share with you beyond scientific discussions. At last, we hope you will enjoy your stay in Bordeaux, emblematic capital of the French art of living, with its UNESCO-listed architectural heritage and world-famous gastronomy.


The organizing committee




Researchers : 230€ / 250€
Student & Post doc : 120€ / 150€
Dinner (researcher) : 50€
Dinner (student) : 40€


Deadline : March 15th, 2021  


Rodrigue Rossignol, MRGM, Bordeaux ; Frédéric Bost, C3M, Nice ; Alice Carrier, CRCM, Marseille ; Laurent Le Cam, IRCM, Montpellier ; Nathalie Mazure, C3M, Nice ; Jean-Ehrland Ricci, C3M, Nice ; Stéphane Rocchi, C3M, Nice ; Jean-Emmanuel Sarry, CRCT, Toulouse ; Sophie Vasseur, CRCM, Marseille.


Niveau Amoedo, Cellomet ; Giovanni Bénard, MRGM ; Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore, RMSB ; Nathalie Caplet, SIRIC Brio ; Thomas Daubon, IBGC ; Johan Garaude, MRGM ; Christelle Liard, SIRIC Brio, Hamid Reza Rezvani, BMGIC ; Marija Vlaski-Lafarge, BMGIC. 


Information & Organisation

Com&Co Events, Etienne Jarry,

Congress venue

Auditorium de l’Agora, Domaine du Haut-Carré
43, rue Pierre Noailles - Bâtiment C4
33400 Talence, France



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