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POSTPONED : Imaging the future - 14 et 15 mai 2020

Séminaires/ Congrès

A lieu le 14 mai 2020
jusqu'au 15 mai 2020

  • Lieu : Bordeaux


Given the present exceptional circumstances due to the Covid 19 epidemic Imaging the Future is postponed later in 2020.

Further information about the deferral will be available soon.

Over the past ten years, Bio-Imaging translational research has experienced an unprecedented expansion: ten years of challenges, collaborations, success stories and significant advances, thanks to the combination of various approaches and disciplines.

Imaging the future is the occasion for specialists of the bio-imaging field and more broadly for the whole academic community to take part in a discussion about the science of tomorrow. During two days, international invited speakers will be reunited with some Bordeaux gems, leaders of key research projects in the university.

Participants from various backgrounds (bio-imaging, physics and chemistry, mathematics and digital sciences, clinics…) will be invited to discuss hot scientific topics by sharing their expertise and confronting their views regarding key fields of research such as neurosciences, cardiology or oncology.

Imaging the future is a time for reflection about science, but also research strategies and funding, gathering academics and policy-makers. As innovation may come from bringing together different points of view, the conference will also be a space for an art and science combination. Academics and the general public will be given the opportunity to discover the work of different kinds of artists because imaging the future worth seeking inspiration from various sources.

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