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ONCONET-SUDOE - Workshop "Molecular Biology, Cancer and Bioinformatics" - 16-17 mai 2019

Séminaires/ Congrès

A lieu le 16 mai 2019
jusqu'au 17 mai 2019

  • Lieu : Pamplona, Spain



ONCONET is a project that aims to establish a network in oncology through the mobilization of health actors in the southwestern area of Europe in diagnosis, assistance and research.

We are organising a workshop on Molecular biology, cancer and Bioinformatics with the following objectives:

  • To show the most recent and innovative research, methodologies and tools in the fields of molecular biology, cancer and bioinformatics
  • To disseminate the Onconet Pilot Project results. "Production of standardized operation procedure (SOP) for the analysis of methylation marks in tumours and cell-free circulating DNA"

The Seminar is targeted to PhDs, postdocs, technicians and researchers, from the Onconet Partners and others interested institutions. Maximum number of participants: 65.

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