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Philosophy of Cancer Biology , 15/17 octobre - Bordeaux

Séminaires/ Congrès

A lieu le 15 octobre 2018
jusqu'au 17 octobre 2018

  • Lieu : Bordeaux
  • Organisateur : Thomas Pradeu


The biological complexity and heterogeneity of cancer make it very difficult to apprehend, control, and cure. Cancer is now becoming increasingly an object of study for philosophers of biology and philosophers of medicine. In particular, the scientific explanation, definition, classification and prediction of cancer as a biological and medical phenomenon face many epistemological challenges. Cancer research raises a host of experimental, theoretical, and conceptual issues that connect with most, if not all, the domains of today’s biology and medicine.

The main goal of this workshop is to provide a forum where philosophers of biology and philosophers of medicine meet to discuss the biological and medical science of cancer.

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