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3rd edition "Metabolism & Cancer" symposium - April 1st-2nd 2019

Séminaire/ Congrès GSO

A lieu le 01 avril 2019 à partir de 09h00
jusqu'au 02 avril 2019 à 16h30

  • Lieu : Marseille (Palais du Pharo)



This 3rd edition of Metabolism and Cancer symposium will be held in Marseille, April 1st-2nd 2019 and will cover various topics including the impact of environmental disruptors on metabolic reprogramming, signaling associated with metformin/biguanides treatments, the role of the microenvironment on the tumor metabolic switch as well as new metabolic approaches for translational strategy. Four main sessions will be organized to highlight recent discoveries of recognized experts in their respective fields through lectures and selected abstracts for oral communications.

The success of the last editions prompted us to elaborate an exciting new scientific program that will address new topics or will give an up-to-date of recent advances in the field through communications of unpublished data and organization of discussions.

This 3rd edition will be under the auspices of the Cancéropôles PACA, GSO, and CLARA which have been promoting for 15 years now French research projects and ensure connections with researchers and clinicians. We invite you to join us for this 3rd edition and we look forward to share with you not only scientific discussion but also sightseeing in Marseille, the "must to see" place in Provence, south of France.

The organizing committee


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