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8èmes journées du club SMAC - 24 & 25 janvier 2019

Séminaire/ Congrès GSO

A lieu le 24 janvier 2019
jusqu'au 25 janvier 2019

  • Lieu : Bordeaux


The scientific committee of the SMAC club is glad to invite you to its 8th scientific day at Bordeaux, on January 24 & 25, 2019.

This edition will adress two main topics: " Recent advances in joint models for cancer and the new statistical challenge of immunotherapy clinical studies



We are happy to announce the workshop “Recent advances in joint models for cancer and the new statistical challenge of immunotherapy clinical studies” we are organizing in Bordeaux, France, from January 24 to January 25 th, 2019.

Emerging data collection in cancer research introduce complexities which are not necessarily covered by existing methods and software and require further statistical methodological developments. A particular example is the need for joint modelling of combined repeated measurements and event-time data. Considerable recent interest has focused on so-called joint models and how-to best merge information from the repeated measurements and event history data. Participants of this workshop will learn about the latest methodology for joint survival and longitudinal data analysis in clinical research. 

But also, in oncology, the clinical development of new drugs is increasingly challenging. In this evolving field of research, we are living a therapeutic revolution, and the advances of recent years lead us to address multiple new issues. Immune modulators are one of the most important classes of new anticancer therapeutics. However methodological or statistical issues and challenges with immunotherapies are still present and there is still far to go.

This workshop will bring together applied statisticians, epidemiologists and clinicians to offer insight into the joint modeling structure and to discuss how to increase our understanding of immunotherapies in cancer. This workshop will cover in depth the set of recent methodological approaches needed for this emerging interdisciplinary topic.

Virginie Rondeau, Cécile Proust-Lima & Carine Bellera for The scientific committee of the "club SMAC"


Our scientific days will be held in the ISPED  (localisation)

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