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Chromatin Meets South - 12-13 juin 2018

Séminaires/ Congrès

A lieu le 12 juin 2018 à partir de 13h30
jusqu'au 13 juin 2018 à 16h00

  • Lieu : Genopolys, Montpellier


This 2-day informal meeting is the 7th edition in the conference series «Chromatin Meets South» (CMS). It is focused on fundamental aspects of chromatin biology and on the latest advances in the field. This meeting will bring together leading researchers from the South of France to explore outstanding questions in chromatin-related topics from experimental and theoretical perspectives, enable participants to identify new research opportunities and collaborations, and to allow PhD students to present their results in English to a large audience.

Covered topics include
• chromatin structure and function
• gene expression
• genome stability
• cancer and epigenetics
• modeling and computational biology

Keynote Speaker: Giacomo Cavalli, Chromatin and Cell Biology Lab, IGH, Montpellier

Call for abstracts: the scientific committee welcomes oral presentations from all areas relevant to chromatin research in different models. Please submit abstracts to by May 25, 2018. The deadline for registration is June 5, 2018.

The registration is free but mandatory. Participants are responsible for their accommodation and transport.

The CMS 2018 scientific committee: Cyril Esnault (IGMM), Eugenia Basyuk (IGH), Guillaume Bossis (IGMM), Rosemary Kiernan (IGH), Charles Lecellier (IGMM), Andrew Oldfield (IGH), John Palmeri (LCC) and Eric Soler (IGMM)

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