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Target of Rapamycin science club in France - 1st edition - 22-23 Mai 2018

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A lieu le 22 mai 2018
jusqu'au 23 mai 2018

  • Lieu : Nice (Le Saint Paul Hôtel)


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Target Of Rapamycin (TOR) signal transduction has an evolutionary conserved role in the control of growth, metabolism and ageing depending on nutrient availability. We aim at promoting a Science Club on TOR signal transduction in France, "le TOR de France". The goal is to gather students, postdocs, group leaders working in the field of TOR, nutrition, growth, development with approaches of cellular and molecular biology, genetics, evolution and the applications in medicine, pharmacology, human health.

The first edition of the TOR de France meeting will cover multiple areas of investigation including:
-Molecular mechanisms of cell growth control across species
-Genetic alterations of TOR signal transduction in human diseases
-Link between caloric restriction and ageing
-Therapeutic strategies to inhibit TOR signal transduction in cancer and metabolic syndromes

Abstracts will be selected for short oral or poster presentations. Short talk and poster prizes for postdocs and students will be awarded. Deadline : 30 march 2018

Registration is free but required : deadline, 30 march 2018

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