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AAP ARC - Recruiting emerging leaders in oncology - 20 Mars 2018


  • Date d’ouverture : le 04 octobre 2017
  • Date limite du dossier complet : le 20 mars 2018


The main purpose of this call is to enable the implantation of new team leaders in French research structures that will carry out translational research and establish their team under the best conditions.
Projects must be in line with the ARC Foundation's scientific strategy for accelerating discoveries, developing new treatments, preventive and therapeutic approaches in the field of oncology with a translational part.
This program should be a collaborative effort between the ARC Foundation and the host institution, also in terms of funding. The host institution commits to integrate the new research team into its core research program.
The ARC Foundation will allocate up to 1.5 million euros over five years to support the installation of a researcher and his team in 2018.

Date limite de retour des dossiers par la structure d'accueil : 20 Mars 2018

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