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10ème symposium CNAPS - 20-22 septembre 2017

Séminaires/ Congrès

A lieu le 20 septembre 2017 à partir de 13h00
jusqu'au 22 septembre 2017 à 17h00

  • Lieu : Montpellier


Liquid biopsy is one of the most important emerging field in diagnostics, especially in oncology or prenatal diagnostic since the last decade, and is starting to change practice in standard of care.

The organizing committee warmly welcomes you to the 10th international symposium on circulating nucleic acids in plasma and serum (CNAPS) to be held at the Corum, Montpellier, on 20/22 September 2017.

The first CNAPS meeting was organized in 1997 by circulating nucleic acid pioneers and was the first meeting dedicated to the circulating DNA and RNA field. Such meetings are organized every two years by scientists in either America, Asia or Europe.

This year, almost all the major actors of the cfDNA field attend the meeting showing high recognition of the event! And attendance gather more than 23 nationalities among all 6 continents.

CNAPS meetings are unique as they focus on and link together basic and applied research. This event offers a unique opportunity for scientists and clinicians around the world to interact, discuss with companies and share knowledge with colleagues in the broader CNAPS and liquid biopsy community.

The organizing committee



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